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Juiceman JM480S 1.1-HP 2-Speed All-in-One Automatic Juice Extractor and Citrus Juicer with Integrated Pulp Container

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: Juiceman
Price: $103.43
Rating: 2.8
Power 800 watts
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I was excited to try out this Juiceman Juice Extractor, as I had never owned a juicer before. Overall, it’s a pretty nice product.

+ Easy to assemble and take apart. It was fairly intuitive for me to put this together without needing instructions.
+ Simple to clean. I don’t have a dishwasher, but the product says that it’s dishwasher safe. I was also happy to find that there is a toothbrush-like cleaning tool included, to help clean the filter piece.
+ Simple to close the juice spout. This is a small, but useful feature, for when you are switching out the juice collection container
+ Two speeds. The fruits I used worked fine on the slower speed, but it’s nice to know that there’s a more powerful setting available.
+ Comes with a citrus attachment. This is great for making orange juice, lemonade, and other citrus drinks.
+ Recipes included in booklet. There were only a few, but it’s a nice place to start.

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The Sharper Image 8021SI Stainless-Steel 700-Watt Super Juicer

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: Cuisinart
Price: $27.95
Rating: 4.2
Power 70 watts
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I went in to buy the Breville JE95XL but saw this stainless steel beauty and with it’s $79 price tag and decided to go for it. Had it one day and that was more than enough.
1. very poor juicing all around, pulp left over had tons of moisture which means you’re using way more (expensive) produce to get the same amt of juice. there goes the low price.
2. the stupid spout is too low to get a decent jar or cup under so you need to juice into a bowl or something, or else have a 2nd person hold your container at an angle while you’re feeding produce into it.
3. GIANT mess. when i tried to run the soaking wet pulp back through the juicer to extract the rest of the juice, a juicy sludge poured out the SIDES all around the juice spout. got all over the juicer, the counter and everywhere.
4. the second time i juiced i smelled smoke. i am positive the thing would have broken very rapidly had i not just returned the piece of dung immediately.

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KRUPS ZX720143 Acrylic Juicer Citrus Press with Anti-drip Valve, White

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: KRUPS
Price: 48.41
Rating: 3.9
Power 70 watts
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I like to keep a bottle of fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the fridge for making lemonade, other drinks, and for cooking – let’s face it, concentrated lemon juice you get in the store is lousy (and that’s being nice). But I’m not willing to pay $50 to $100 or more for fresh juice, and the more versatile juicers out there don’t do as good a job with lemons as a dedicated citrus juicer.

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Waring PCJ2 Citrus Juicer

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: Waring
Price: $87.98
Rating: 4.0
Power NA
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I have used the Waring PCJ218 juicer for the past 6 months. I juice on average 10 oranges each day. I can state without reservation that this is a good looking, well made, powerful juicer. How good is it? I have purchased 2 additional PCJ218 juicers as gifts. Do I know what I’m talking about? I design machinery for a living. Rarely do I find consumer products to be worthy of praise. This juicer is a real gem at a reasonable price.
–V. Baker

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Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: Breville
Price: $199.99
Rating: 4.3
Power NA
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I am very happy with the juicer.

I was also prompted to write a review because of the person who writes about all the problems with the spout. I think I may know what the problem there is: It sounds like he juices with the spout in the up position instead of down. When juicing, the spout is supposed to be down. In fact, one of the nice things about this juicer is the spout. When you have enough juice or want to remove the juice catcher, lift the spout up and it closes off the flow of juice.

I have found the machine very easy to use and to clean. I was impressed with the cleanup. It takes me about 2 minutes — literally. Just rinse the parts, scrub the strainer with a stiff brush, and then leave to dry.

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