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The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse - Book Review

The 10 Day Cleanse Works like Magic – A Book Review

I have been overweight my entire life. I was always the “big girl” in the group. My middle school nickname was balloon… for obvious reasons. I heard about this book from a friend, read the preview and bought it all within an hour. After completing the first 10 days I’m happy to say I’m down 22 lbs (more than any other “healthy change” has ever done for me) and I love getting up to my detox tea and morning smoothie. My husband was so impressed with my results at 6 days that he started and has lost 10lbs on the Modified Cleanse. I can never say in words how much this change has helped me in life. My skin is clearer, I feel better everyday, and sleep like a baby. I want to give a piece of advice to those looking in from the sidelines wondering and questioning if this cleanse really works.

First let me tell you what this cleanse is not and won’t do for you
1. This cleanse is NOT a diet
2. This cleanse is NOT a miracle juice/smoothie
3. This cleanse is NOT a quick fix
4. This cleanse is NOT a weight loss program
5. This cleanse will NOT change your eating habits if you don’t make a mental change
6. This cleanse will NOT work if you start out with doubts

Now what this cleanse is and can do for you Find the Book Here

1. This cleanse is that….A Cleanse….A Detox
2. This cleanse helps us detox from years of impurities and processed foods
3. This cleanse will help you if you just commit for 10 days
4. This cleanse will help you detox mentally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually
5. This cleanse can and will help with weight loss because if you commit 10 days of not eating refined sugars, sodas, processed foods, fried foods and refined carbs then the weight will happen naturally giving you more energy and motivation to lose weight
6. This cleanse will change your taste buds helping you make wiser choices when it comes to food. And last and not least
7. With this cleanse not only will you detox and lose weight but you will gain amazing results and amazing relationships with other amazing women aiming for the goal you are…a healthier and sexier YOU!!!

Now instead of Doubting, reading reviews after reviews, checking status of how long has it taken for the weight loss, why not order your book if you haven’t done so, read it and start your cleanse, I wish I could Post my before and after pictures here for you to see how healthy I have become.
During the 10 Day cleanse I also got some Couple of books on green Smoothies which helped me a lot to stay focus on the cleanse 35 Yummy Green Smoothies Recipes to Help Lose 15lbs in 10 Days!
Also with Some clean Meal with high protein to help after the 10 day cleanse Spiralizer Recipe Book: Spiralizer Cooking – Top 50 Veggie Friendly Spiralizer Recipes For Weight loss, Gluten-free, Paleo, Low Carb & Holiday & So Much More!!
Which might also be of help. Find the Book Here

Remember, Weight loss can be accomplished with what I call “double D’s” DISCIPLINE AND DETERMINATION!!!! ONCE u have cleansed your body of toxins, Focus on maintaining a clean healthy eating lifestyle. Be Blessed and stay focused! Get the book join the Facebook Page and be encourage by over 100,000 participants.


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