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4 Tips for Picking Perfect Fruits and Vegetables in your local Grocery Store


There are certain things you should look for when selecting fruits and vegetables at the local grocery store. Picking produce may seem like a relatively simple task, but there are several food safety tips to keep in mind. Any time you’re grocery shopping it’s imperative to fully understand food safety guidelines. They will help to make certain you get the most satisfaction out of the fruits and vegetables you ultimately choose while grocery shopping.

Buy In Season
It’s best to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season when grocery shopping. Food that’s in season is generally fresher and tastes better. Produce that’s not in season generally comes from far away and doesn’t taste as good because it’s not ripe. They are commonly treated with insecticides or color and texture preservative chemicals, which are not good for our health. Grocery shopping for locally grown produce is a good food safety practice. Foods locally grown are usually in season and treated with little or no pesticides or preservatives.

Look it Over
Examine the scent, feel, and physical appearance of fruits and vegetables. Hold and inspect the produce you consider buying to analyze it’s food safety. Many fruits, like melons, have a specific smell if they are ripe. Apples are firm when ripe and peaches are soft when matured. Lettuce is typically soft and slimy when rotten or damaged. Check for bruises, spots, or other damages on fruits and vegetables. Only choose fruits and veggies that haven’t been damaged. Perform a food safety check for mold as well, and if the produce is molded don’t buy it.

Bag it Up
When you find yourself grocery shopping always place produce in bags. Separate all meat, seafood, and poultry from produce and all other items you place into the shopping cart. These food safety recommendations protect you from contracting foodborne diseases associated with cross contamination during your grocery shopping.

Keep it Cool
If acheter du cialis en ligne you purchase produce that is fresh-cut choose those that are refrigerated or placed in ice. The same food safety tips apply to salads or other vegetables already packaged in bags. It’s better to pick these if you are grocery shopping for fruits and veggies because the cold keeps them fresh longer.
Additional foods safety ideas to keep in mind when grocery shopping for fruits and vegetable involve storing them in a clean refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Wash your hands and produce before preparing and eating. Follow food safety and grocery shopping tips to have enjoyable and healthy meals. You are going to be more likely to reap the most health benefits from your selection of fruits and vegetables.

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