Best Fruit Juicer

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black

Best Citrus Fruit Juicer

Brand: OrangeX
Price: $123.64
Rating: 4.3
Power 70 watts
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If you’ve done your homework, you are likely deciding between the Jupiter and the Hamilton Beach. Both of them will last a lifetime. They are both sturdy and neither will try to tip over on you as you exert pressure on the handle. Your choice will be personal preference. If you’re going to be spending hours pressing juice or you don’t have much pressing strength, go with the Hamilton Beach. It’s easiest to press. But know that the Hamilton Beach, because it doesn’t press the heck out of the fruit, makes more watery juice. The Jupiter presses more firmly on the fruit, which means that although it requires a little more muscle, you can get some pulp in the strainer, which you can throw in with the juice. Me, I like a little pulp. Additionally, the Jupiter fits under your kitchen cabinets, which the Hamilton Beach does not. Bear in mind that these juicers are heavy enough that you want to lift them and move them as little as possible. The Jupiter comes with suction cup feet, so to move it, you have to lift it just a little, but these are replaceable with non-suction feet from any hardware store. I refuse to start my day with a noisy juice machine and quite enjoy my Jupiter juice press.
— C. Deb


Finally a commercial grade juicer for the home that will do as advertised, deliver a glass of fresh squeezed juice. This mid-size commercial juicer form OrangeX is as cool and refreshing as the juice it produces. Whether your fresh squeezed fancy is oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes the OrangeX commercial juicer will make your morning a breeze. Made from cast iron and stainless steel with 2300 PSI (pounds per square inch) of force everyone in the family can have freshly squeezed juice at the drop of a lever. Removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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